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Using Molding Paste with Watercolors on Canvas

May 10, 2010

Painting of a Rocky Shoreline

Rocky Shoreline I

Painting of a Rocky Shoreline

Rocky Shoreline II

I use molding paste on occasion to add texture to paintings.  On the paintings of Rocky Shoreline I and II, I used it to mold the rocks on the shore and for the white crest of the ocean waves.  This added emphasis to the paintings.  Here is how I do it

  1. Prepare canvas with absorbent ground as described in the “Painting Watercolors on Canvas” post.  Allow to dry thoroughly.
  2. Apply a light molding paste (I use Golden Light Molding Paste) with a palette knife, or any other preferred tool, to the areas of the canvas you wish to have textured.
  3. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Paint with watercolors as you normally would.  Paint right over the molding paste.
  5. When complete, spray with a  fixative as mentioned in the “Paintings Watercolors on Canvas” post.
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  1. Jackie Wharton permalink
    May 24, 2010 11:59 am

    Great website, Catherine. Congratulations on your lovely paintings in the WRSS Art Show.

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